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Croft Haus - Home Decor - Ada
Etica Denim - Croft Haus - Grand Rapids

Croft- A small cozy dwelling found in Scotland, each unique to its owner and a representation of their personality, needs, and wants. Croft Haus has created that unique desire to be you, in your home, with what you wear and the gifts you give. With different collaborations, we have created areas for the adventurist, the modern and simple, the old country home and the trend setter. Located in Ada, Michigan, right outside of Grand Rapids.


Croft Haus - Grand Rapids - Ada

Hi, I'm the one in the green sweatshirt next to the bald guy I call Dad. This is my family (minus my husband), the people who have been with me through the many aspects of starting Croft Haus. So when I say "who's behind Croft Haus" it's a little bit of us all. 

I started Croft Haus in April of 2023 in my favorite West Michigan spot, Ada Village. As the town grows and develops, I am excited Croft Haus gets to grow and develop along with it. The best way to follow along and get to know us is through instagram, so click that little camera icon in our footer and follow along, it's going to be a good time. 

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